Elsie & Fred Wigglesworth and Gladys & Denis Riley at the wedding of George & Margaret at Adel Church, 2 April 1956

Wigglesworth and Riley family history

Including some local history of Dethick, Lea & Holloway, and northern Matlock (Derbyshire)

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Wigglesworth Hall I

Artist's Impression of Wigglesworth Hall I in the 18-19th century.
Judith Hubbard

de Arches de Wigglesworth
de Arches de Wigglesworth

The Manor of Wigglesworth is probably the place from which my early ancestors derived their surnames in the 13th/14th century. Some people will be related to the owners or inhabitants of Wigglesworth Hall and styled de Wigglesworth, others will move away from the village and then be called Wigglesworth after their forename to distinguish them from others with the same name. My ancestors are in the latter category as far as I can judge.

There follows an abstract of the early history of the manor since those times. Whitaker suggests the name came from "Dwelling of Wichil" or "Wigil", the name of the first possessor in the general distribution of property after the Saxon Conquest.

Wigglesworth Hall II
Wigglesworth Hall II
Judith Hubbard

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