Elsie & Fred Wigglesworth and Gladys & Denis Riley at the wedding of George & Margaret at Adel Church, 2 April 1956

Wigglesworth and Riley family history

Including some local history of Dethick, Lea & Holloway, and northern Matlock (Derbyshire)

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Notable Wigglesworths

These few notes are a record of my accumulations over a number of years.
Essentially they concern things named after Wigglesworth or people who
feature in reference books. If there are others you know about who ought to be included please let me have a few lines which can be included on the disc until such time as it is reprinted and re-circulated. Contact me.

I am, for example, conscious of the under-representation of the Antipodes where there are people of our name; I assume they include noteworthy ones. There was one of this name transported in the 1830s! You must draw your own conclusions about the dearth of women.

George Wigglesworth

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